Born 11/05/1974
in Salzburg, Austria

Klem grew up in a small village near Salzburg, always loving being outside.

When he turned 15 some friends opened a world to him - the world of rocks. That was in 1989. From this time on he spent most of his spare time at the cliffs around Salzburg and nearly forgot about all the girls. While his school friends went out and got drunken he was tripping in Europe. The home areas quickly lost their excitement, he discover new areas to stay curios, and so DISCOVERING new areas soon became a big passion of him.

Klem, 15 years old

At the age of 16, at his first competition, he got 3’rd in the Austrian championships, what gave him the rights to start at world cups and at the “world’s”. Soon he realized it’s not the way he wants to live. With his friends he went back to the woods and created new routs and focused on the style of climbing.

Foto: © C.Vockenhuber

Klem takes frequent breaks from the world of rocks to stay psyched. He loves surfing and skiing ...

In ’97, after some years in the “secret laboratories” – the home woods and the oceans of the world – Klem accidental repeated lots of famous routs very fast and made quite a name of himself. In the next years he established the world’s hardest Routs and Boulders around the whole globes and discovered new areas. In 2000 Climbing Magazine named Klem “the world’s best” Boulderer/ Sport Climber.

Foto: © A. Hechenberger

2000, after 10 years chasing the personal limit, Klem thought: Is that it? So, together with Udo Neumann he wrote a book, “DER ELFTE GRAD” (ckeck: The book is based on 365 days in the life of a high end climber, tells stories about trips, about personal experiences in creating new moves, shows many motion studies and especially brings this special lifestyle to the people.

Today, after finishing his studies in Sports and Geography, Klem always brings his DIGI-Camera for a project he has in his mind. He isn’t any more only psyched in getting better and better, he more is dreaming about  - dancing on the rocks, finding new spots, creating new styles of climbing, enjoying life and bringing all this on the movie screen and on paper.

Foto: © C. Vitt