168 colored pages,
pictures full to all sides
closed 130x180 mm,
opened 130x360 mm,
Panorama 130x700 mm,
cover in Velour

€ 19,90

The book for the Outdoorfreak.
Unbelievable pictures, carries the
viewer on a wonderful journey.

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A look inside ...

Emotional Landscapes, a story of the worlds most far away and most difficult Boulders, the wildlife of Australia, the African steppe, the beautyness of tropical islands, where giant rocks are meeting the ocean, the cliffs of Vietnam and the mediterranean see, the indian flair, big snowy mountains and beautiful beaches with perfect waves.

A little, busy port in Vietnam. There we start some boat-trips to find good rocks for DWS. (Deep Water Soloing).

The Castle in Salzburg

This book is a work with images and recollections  which I accumulated in the last few years. Years of travelling in Asia, North, - South – and Central America, India, Australia, Europe and in my home place. Giant birds, fast cars, trains and boats opened up our world to a global village. Yesterday in the tropics hanging out in shorts and tomorrow in the snow of the Alps. Each place has an own flair with special inhabitants, humans as animals. I made friends with a coral reef where waves get peeled, with an Indian family, with a Kangaroo hunter somewhere in the Australian bush, with snakes, with fresh snow, with various rock formations, with the dessert and the ocean.

Australian trucker and two Indian girls.

Coast of Sri Lanka, mit waves higher than the trees, coming from the antarktican see, perfect for surfing.

Austria, on a mountain.

I took many pictures with a “lomo -style” camera, many are taken by my sister Uli and Andi Hechenberger and by friends and photographers travelling with me.

Two different places, geological twins, in visuel union.

Mallorca. Perfect Landscape

Gondwana, a Boulder-Trip to the Indian Ocean.
Difficult to tell about ...

My memories are “brain–images” connected to certain emotions. Back home I tried to reconstruct these memories and melt them to one thing. To create a book is a great pleasure and something special, it’s like a copy coming directly from the brain. Strong moments and emotions are dominating rationalism. 

Indonesia. We had no waterproofed camera and no strong zoom to shoot good pictures of the see, the waves or the coast. Therefore no fotos, just surfing ... But there was one day, no good waves - no good rides. We went to a beach that looks like an adriatic-beach. Coop was standing in the water and shoots excellent pictures.

Mediterranean see. Our place for eating and sleeping.
A Breakout of "normal life" during a boat-trip.

It’s a pure picture book with either a double-sided picture or one on each page. Short texts, title plus subtitle, connecting the image to this special and „invisible” emotions.

Salzburg, funtastic mountains a few minutes out of my appartement , always with the best snow.
Skiing is my newest passion.

For the viewer it should be an inspiration, a visual joy and inviting to dreams ..


Klem Loskot, 2006